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RhizoVital 42

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25 billion The good bacteria for the soil!

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Product Description

The product RhizoVital 42 is a biostimulant and contains spores of the naturally occurring soil bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB 42. After the application the bacteria germinate and colonize the young growing roots. They displace and compete with soil borne pathogens. Furthermore the bacteria release hormones, which stimulate plant growth, and substances that improve availability of nutrients for the plant.

RhizoVital42 helps the plant to build stronger and healthier roots and to improve its tolerance towards biotic (pathogens) and abiotic (water deficiency, salt) stress. For this reason RhizoVital42 increases plant growth and effects higher yields.

Advantages of RhizoVital 42
25 billion/ml  good bacteria for your soil & growing media

  • Improves crop yields & quality
  •  Helps plants grow stronger & faster
  • Improves seed strike & seedling survival
  • Improves stress tolerance of plants
  • Can be used as a biological enhancer tank mixed with fungicide
  • 2 year shelflife without the need for refrigerating
  • High Quality -Researched & Developed in Germany

Application methods:

  • seed treatment
  • root dipping
  • mixing into soils
  • drenching or spray on soil surface
  • injection into hydroponic systems
  • in combination with other pesticides or fertilizers