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Oriental fruit moth lure (Grapholita (=Cydia) molesta)

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Oriental fruit moth lure. Purchase delta traps with sticky liners for monitoring purposes.

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Product Description

Oriental fruit moth lure (Grapholita (=Cydia) molesta)

Oriental fruit moth is a common pest of  Stonefruit. OFM will attack Pome fruit and Nashi if Stonefruit is not present or after harvest of Stonefruit. Lures need to be placed out in the field in delta traps at 1 trap every 2 hectares and place lure and trap slightly higher than mid-canopy height. Replace every 6-8 weeks to keep attraction rates high. Do not contaminate OFM pheromone with CM pheromone. Store separately and change gloves if going from dispensing OFM to CM lures. Monitor from early spring up to harvest. Deploy mating disruption techniques with trap deployment and GRANDEX at egg laying stage of first flight.