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eco-flo range

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Extremely concentrated certified organic soil conditioner

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Product Description

The eco-flo range are all liquids so they can be put through trickle irrigation, centre pivot, boom sprayers or even applied by aircraft which makes the eco-flo range much more user friendly and versatile.

Consist of 3 different products:

  • eco-flo dolomiteCorects acid soils and boosts calci um & magnesium levels
    Active Ingredient: 35% w/v Calcium, 12% w/v Magnesium
  • eco-flo gypsum:Fast acting liquid clay breaker
    Active Ingredient: 35% Calcium 25% Sulphur
  • eco-flo lime: Superior acid soil corection with high calcium levels
    Active Ingredient: 48% w/v Calcium

eco-flo has been formulated with super concentrated seaweed extract to make the range more bio-active. The eco-flo range is manufactured using a patented suspension technology providing peace of mind that the product will remain stable long after other formulations have set hard in the bottom of the drum

Key Features

  • Extremely concentrated
  • Fast acting due to the very small particle sizes
  • Doesn’t alter soil pH
  • eco-flo range is Australian Organic Certified Organic