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eco-flo dolomite

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Corrects acid soils and boosts calcium & and magnesium levels.

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Product Description

Corrects acid soils and boosts calcium & and magnesium levels
Active Ingredient: 25% w/v Calcium, 13% w/v Magnesium and 14% w/v Carbon
  • Can be put through trickle irrigation, center pivot and boom sprayers which makes it much more user friendly and versatile than granules or powders
  • Manufactured using ingredients that are approved under ACO and OMRI Organic Standards giving you piece of mind that soil is being looked afterKey Features
  • Corrects acid soils caused by existing soil chemistry and artificial fertilisers
  • Strengthens plant growth and fruit production by adding calcium & magnesium to the soil
  • Ratio of calcium to magnesium better reflects plant needs compared to powdered dolomite
  • Perfect for magnesium loving plants eg roses, tomatoes, capsicums and potatoes
  • Extremely concentrated – 1L of eco-flo dolomite weighs 1.65 kg
  • Fast acting due to the very small particle sizes
  • ACO Registered Organic

Pack Sizes: 15L & 800L