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Aminogro MAXi Range

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L-Form amino acid chelates Carboxilate Mannitol Complex

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Product Description

Aminogro MAXi with OrganoPlex Technology

Aminogro MAXi is a range of high analysis liquid and soluble powder organic nitrogen containing both free L-form amino acids and peptides from a
non-animal protein source. The range includes straight Nitrogen N7% liquid and N13% soluble powder and single element micronutrient powders.
The micronutrient powders contain OrganoPLEX Technology which is L-form amino acids complexed with low molecular weight organic acids and
carbohydrates. OrganoPLEXed nutrients are shuttled directly into the plant metabolic process when applied either to the roots or the foliage to provide
immediate nutrient stress relief resulting in improved plant growth, development and yields.

Aminogro MAXi Micronutrients and Bio-GUARDIAN Biologicals

Hidden nutritional hungers from lack of micro-nutrients can have serious yield limiting implications. Micro-nutrients help plants’ regulate against crop limiting stress responses to changes in growing condition. The ability of plants to cope with and recover from stress is the key to more uniform, high yielding crops. The Aminogro MAXi range of micronutrients provides all the essential nutrients needed by plants for optimum growth and development and yields under stressed conditions. We have the capacity to provide prescription blends based on your plant requirements with the addition of Bio-GUARDIAN Biologicals. Bio-GUARDIAN are a blend of  beneficial bacteria and fungi that assists with plant growth and are natural enemies of plant pathogens.

Ask your local OCP Agronomist for advice as to a blend that best suits your needs.